Teaming up with Earth Speakr to give youth a voice

Young people around the world have been taking the opportunity to express their concerns about our changing climate through climate protests and social media.

To help them express themselves Young Innovators are teaming up with an exciting programme that gives more young people a voice.

Earth Speakr is a living piece of artwork created by Olafur Eliasson that is designed to amplify the concerns and ideas of young people around the world in an effort to get adults and people in power to listen to their ideas and take action to address climate change.

Users can record a message and using augmented reality give the objects around them a voice. When they have uploaded their message adult users can then listen to them and group them in important places around the world.

They also have a range of free to download toolkits to use in various environments including classrooms, libraries and museums to enhance the learning experiences if young people.

We will be working them in our programme and encouraging the young people in our programme to use this artwork to develop their ideas and expand the climate conversation. The app itself and the toolkits are available in 24 languages so children can access it in their first language.

For more information click here to access their website and feel free to watch the YouTube video below.