D.Game Lighthouse Event

D.Game Pilot Project Concludes at Lighthouse Event

The D.Game is a pilot project run by Aalto University, Stantec SpA and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia to test a new approach to sustainability education and increase emotional resilience in school children. The project kicked off in July with a series of teacher trainings in three countries, Italy, Spain and Finland. Altogether, more than 100 teachers participated in a 9-hour training organized by the D-Game team. In the fall, the project entered its second phase. In this phase, the D-Game team delivered an adapted version of the teacher training to more than 300 students from 18 schools from different cities in Italy, Spain and Northern Europe. The trainings were run over 3 weeks between mid-November and December.

At its heart, the training course of the D-Game aims to enhance the competencies of young people to promote social, cultural and behavioural change.

Through collective intelligence tools, they discover their creative potential, develop their imagination, and practice collaboration. They also gain important insights about themselves, their personal values as well as their talents.

The training for students has been carried out in three languages through the new EIT Climate-KIC e-learning platform. In this online space, the students can access the learning material of the D.Game course. In addition, the students participate in workshops through which they interact with instructors, facilitators and students from other schools/cities.

The training for students will end in early December with a transition arena to which local the representatives of municipalities in the 3 countries and other stakeholders are invited. The students will have the opportunity to co-design together with experts solutions to local sustainability challenges. For instance, in the case of the City of Milan, the transition arena of the D-Game, will be the first step in the planning of a larger project for Reinventing Cities in which a participatory approach will be used to re-design a neighbourhood of Milan.

The piloting of the D.Game project will conclude with a Lighthouse event on the 10th of December, to which various stakeholders including teachers, students, city representatives, businesses, NGOs from Finland, Italy and, Spain are invited to learn about the outcomes of the D-Game pilot project and share experiences on how to improve sustainability education and better empower youth in the transition towards a fairer and more sustainable future.