Students shouldn't have to strike from school to show they care about climate.

This is the first generation to protest in the name of science

The planet must be carbon neutral by 2030.

By offering students the tools and skills they need to become changemakers, and lead systemic innovation in the new world, our aim is to give the next generation the best possible chance of reaching that goal. 

Through workshops, visual tools, challenge-based learning and a well-researched innovative methodology, the programme empowers teachers and educators to take supported steps towards systems change thinking in schools and unlock creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. Throughout the programme all stakeholders engage and mobilise local communities to collaborate on real, workable solutions to local climate challenges.

Working with EIT Climate-KIC partners, learning designers, and teachers as multipliers of change, we aim to challenge current paradigms in the education system.

The programme in 2021

As a world-leader in innovation and education, EIT Climate-KIC is well-placed to explore new ways of learning in the digital space. 

It has never been more important for us to be responsive, flexible, and work within our ecosystems to deliver programmes that drive system change through integrated communities. 

And when the world emerges from COVID-19 it will emerge with different priorities. It will be imperative that we build back better instead of defaulting to the status quo.

Our educators and young people will be a critical part of that rebuild and the deep systemic change required.

The Young Innovators programme can help prepare them for that challenge.

Three ways to get involved

Are you an educator?

More on how we train teachers using in-depth methodological frameworks and easy to use tools.

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Are you a potential partner?

Seize the opportunity to tackle climate change in your community through learning and innovation. Join us!

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Would you like to support us?

Help us shape our strategy and mission together with other funders, amplifiers and educational experts.​

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Our Theory of Change

We want to contribute to a society where sustainable lifestyles are embraced – where people understand complexity and interrelationships, and have the creativity and problem-solving skills to generate innovative ideas.

We are working towards a society where people choose green jobs and where careers are resilient to climate impact. 

We will empower students and teachers to participate in democratic decision making by helping them develop collaborative ways of working and the competencies to translate ideas into actions.

We believe we can help people become changemakers, capable of mobilising others into collective climate action.  

By involving local governments and industry partners and engaging teachers and school directors, we will create active local ecosystems that embrace interconnections and global challenges. 

Traditional approaches to climate innovation, focusing on just a few aspects of an issue, aren’t effective enough to solve a problem of this scale and complexity. .  

We want to have an impact by working with teachers to mainstream climate education. 

Students shouldn’t have to leave the classroom to show they care about climate change. 

Let’s together seize the opportunity to tackle climate change through learning and innovation at a young age, and nurture the roots of systems change in our schools.

Get involved

Want to engage in empowering the next generation?

Young Innovators is the only challenge-led programme in Europe supporting climate innovation through a wide net of partnerships with schools, cities, governments and industry.

If you are an educational institution, a city representative or industry leader, or would like to support us, get in touch with us today!