“Every single child that is born in Europe today will need to lead a carbon neutral life by the time they leave school.”

“Every single child that is born in Europe today will need to lead a carbon neutral life by the time they leave school.”

Young Innovators is an experimental programme aimed to introduce a systems innovation approach to 12-18 year olds to foster social awareness and entrepreneurial thinking towards tackling climate change challenges in the school environment through visual thinking and participatory techniques.

The next few years are the most important in our history to prepare future generations to lead a prosperous, inclusive, resilient society based on a net-zero carbon circular economy. Our mission is to empower 30,000 teens by 2020, and 3 million by 2030, transforming over 10% of all teens living in Europe, and beyond, into Champions to become climate innovators. 

With Young Innovators, the future generation is being prepared with the knowledge and understanding to lead the movement for a systemic change. As part of this movement, Young Innovators offers students the methodological approach, visual tools and entrepreneurial mindset to change the economy and society immediately. Working with EIT Climate-KIC partners, learning designers and teachers as multipliers of change, we aim to integrate climate change challenges as part of our teens’ life at school.

Young Innovators - Three components

School Innovators

Train teachers and students with easy to use tools with in-depth methodological frameworks and real-life challenges.

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Young Climathon

Empower students, teachers and youth to create bottom-up, meaningful, long-lasting climate actions based on real-life challenges.

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Young Changemakers

Bring the solutions to life and change society around the schools and the city.

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We create role models for youth with a wealth of opportunities to tackle climate change.

Young Innovators is the only challenge-led programme in Europe supporting climate innovation through a wide net of partnerships with schools, cities, governments and industry. If you are an educational institution, a city representative or industry leader, get in touch with us today!

Providing the students and teachers the chance to develop their ideas and make a change

The Young Innovators programme aims to empower youth to reduce climate change through innovation, to understand, explore and mitigate against carbon intensive lifestyles. This programme is focused on boosting the skills of young people and preparing them to lead the transformation of systems to support and mobilise a new generation of young adults – young citizens who see systems adapting to net-zero carbon – because in just a short time span, they will become the leaders of our societies, businesses and nations. This is a huge opportunity to tackle climate change through learning and innovation from an early age.

Our Impact hypothesis

  • Leads to ‘active citizenship’ – a positive change in behaviour and solutions for a more sustainable society.
  • Teachers exchange knowledge about green innovations and become role models.
  • Students gain insights into real-life challenges and vocational possibilities for working on these challenges after finishing their education.
  • Students discover their passion for entrepreneurship and climate-related businesses.


Our ambition for Young Innovators is to:

  • Reach 10,000 young people through the Young Innovators programme by 2020

  • Train 2,000 teachers through the Young Innovators programme by 2022

  • Run Young Climathon Events in more than 1,000 locations globally by 2030

  • Engage 3 million young people or 10% of European Youth by 2030

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