The Young Climathon entails:

  • A 1- to 2-day city climate hackathon
  • Students work on the city‘s and partners‘ challenges and develop solutions
  • Students start transforming their solution into a project or business idea
  • Use of innovative and digital technologies
  • Input from experts, fellow students & entrepreneurs and mentoring from coaches and EIT Climate-KIC Alumni
  • Students pitch their idea in front of a jury



The timeline of Young Climathon is set up as follows:

  • March – July
Local Ecosystem engagement around the Young Climathon
  • July – September
Pre-workshops with students to co-create challenges
  • June – October
Planning and organisation of Young Climathon event, incl. marketing, recruitment of coaches and Alumni
  • October / November
Young Climathon event
  • November – December & ahead
Follow-up opportunities for teams with challenge providers


Local responsibilities

Local responsibilities to run a Young Climathon are:

  • 1-3 clear, relevant and well-phrased climate challenges
  • Involve students in the creation and definition of the challenges
  • Involvement of local authority
  • Use of Young Climathon website, registration, and branding
  • A venue for the 1 or 2-day hackathon that can host for the whole event
  • Coaching to accompany the Young Climathon
  • Agenda with speakers, coaches
  • Data and material from the organisers as hacking stimulus
  • Local prize for the winning team

Hosting a Young Climathon

Partners can deliver the Young Climathon in one of the following ways:

  • Co-create and define local climate challenges with students, schools, a city or companies and join forces with another organisation to organise the event
  • Create and formulate local climate challenges and organise the Young Climathon yourself
  • Contact Climate-KIC about organisations we have in our network that can help you deliver your Young Climathon

For more information, download the Young Climathon presentation.