Join us to scale up Young Innovators

The Young Innovators  programme is currently being rolled out  in Chile, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the UK, amongst other places, through partners training teachers.  This will equip them to then enable young students (12-18 years) to understand and challenge societal responses to climate challenges and mitigate against them.

This year we will be scaling the Young Innovators programme, so we invite you to join our ecosystem tackling climate change challenges and enabling young people to be future ready all over Europe.

There are a variety of ways you could get involved with the programme:

  • Engagement as a city host: Empower and showcase local climate action in your city, school, company or region
  • Engagement as a delivery partner: Engage schools, students, teachers and innovators on climate action
  • Engagement as a corporate partner: Experiment together with your target group, validate opportunities and get a sense on what kids are concerned about
  • Engagement as a supporter: Help us shape our strategy and mission together with other funders, amplifiers and educational experts.​
Get involved Want to get engaged in our existing markets or ready to start the programme in your country?

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