Offering training for teachers to introduce a system innovation approach in schools

Young Innovators supports teachers and educators with improved systems thinking and complex problem solving in the classroom.

The aim of the training for teachers is to introduce a system innovation approach that fosters awareness on climate challenges and encourages creative thinking and climate innovation capabilities with the younger generation (12-18 year olds).

Our methodology consists of a handbook for teachers, including a set of lesson plans. It is designed to help teachers and their students explore complex challenges. Guidance on how to introduce systems thinking in the classroom and making use of the visual tools is provided. Students work in teams to solve their challenge and record their ideas.

For access to the Young Innovators methodology, including our handbook for teachers and visual tools please click the link below. 

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“The practical elements of the course that emotionally stimulate students’ willingness to make changes necessary to achieve the goal of improving our world”

Young Innovators Teacher

Young Innovators Tools - Preview

Navigating the Challenge Path

This tool provides students with an overview of a variety of factors and trends surrounding their challenge path to be taken into account in their search for a solution.

Ideas for Solutions

This tool consists of a brainstorming exercise that encourages students to rapidly think of as many possible solutions to the challenge as possible. 

Cover Story

This tool enables students to imagine a future where their solutions to the challenge has been implemented, so they can envision their impact on the future.

Methodology Overview


What will students learn in the process?

These tools help to facilitate the understanding of complex realities and the co-creation of knowledge in a secondary school context. They offer:

  • Group work activities 
  • Visual thinking tools 
  • Challenge-led activity 
  • Techniques to deal with complexity 
  • Opportunities to connect to the local ecosystem of actors 

What subjects does it support?

This methodology has been developed so students can make sense of something, then innovate from the perspective of the actors involved to solve or improve blockages. These tools could be deployed for any subject where there are a variety of questions, issues and actors that need to be better understood. However, these tools have been adapted specifically for use with educators tackling projects concerned with Environmental Sustainability to prepare students for future thinking and understanding of the complex systems around climate-related change.

How can I get trained to use this in schools?

You can learn quite a bit by going through the teacher’s handbook and lesson plans, and looking at the tools. In the first lesson plans we provide guidance on how you might use our approach in your teaching. In addition, we have our Learning Management Systemn as well as training opportunities throughout the year.

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