Young Climathon at Pucara / Peru – 22.10.2019

Pucarà, Peru
22 Oct 2019

The first Climathon happens in the city of Pucarà on the 22nd of October. Various actors such as Caleb Padilla (International mentor of the Climate Reality Project, Regional Leader of Latinamerica for Climate Action and Sustainability of Global Shaper, CEO of the NGO Un Pulmón Más)  and a Youth Congress for Sustainable Americas delegate were giving inputs on the native ecosystems and degradation. Paula Tejada, ecologist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogota and a Youth Congress for Sustainable Americas delegate gives insights on a project she’s running in her university about recycling of plastic. 

The challenges are

  1. Waste and how that affects the perception we have of our own community and its development.
  2. Change of agricultural practices and how we can contribute to Re-value the traditional forgotten practices that were environmentally friendly.

7 teams are working on Human behavior, waste management, and agricultural practices.