Universitat de València

The Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia is a living museum located in the historical centre of the city which is open to the public and aims to let people connect with the plant world by fostering its study, teaching, dissemination and conservation, as well as its sustainable use.

Among other objectives, the Garden maintains a scientific collection of live plants, preserving a historic legacy of continuous cultivation, which includes monumental trees and historical buildings. Furthermore, it has the responsibility of maintaining the tradition of botanical gardens in Valencia, which date back to the 16th Century, when the university created a physics garden for the purpose of teaching medicine.

Beneath its cloak of vegetation, which extends over approximately 4 hectares, we can travel to each of the continents, imagining exotic or far-off places, or seeing close-up the plants that inhabit our Mediterranean countryside, all of which serve to remind us of the great biodiversity housed on our planet. This is a wonderfully rich plant world that we are discovering more and more thanks to botanists such as those who work in our Garden; those who participate in different investigation projects centred on the conservation of rare, endemic or threatened plant species of the Mediterranean, the conservation of natural habitats, and the knowledge of plant diversity.

For more information visit jardibotanic.org