Cyprus University of Technology

To become a modern and innovative university with international recognition which promotes excellence in education and research in cutting-edge fields, aiming at the scientific, technological, economic, social and cultural upgrading of our country.

To provide high-quality education and high-level training and to promote lifelong learning with modern pedagogical methods, to produce and disseminate scientific knowledge through research and teaching, and through contribution towards addressing challenges in the fields of Science and Technology, to become a catalyst for the state and society.

In particular, the mission focuses on creating added value through actions on the following three axis:

  • Education
  • Research, Innovation and Transfer of Know-how
  • Social contribution


To establish the University as an international center of university education by offering quality and competitive programmes that reflect technological and industrial developments as well as the market needs. Addressing high-level students, it offers modern teaching associated with applied research, aiming to create employable and well-educated graduates. As a higher education institution, it also seeks to promote lifelong learning for the benefit of society.

Research, Innovation and Transfer of Know-how

The University is a pioneer in the production of applied research and achieving excellence in the international research area. In order to meet the challenges of society and industry, the results of the research produced at the University are transferred as know-how to society, industry and productive organisations to create innovative solutions with significant economic, social and environmental benefits. In the context of research, innovation and entrepreneurship activities, new jobs and opportunities are created for young scientists in cutting-edge sectors.

Social contribution

The University, as a living cell of society, plays a catalytic role in the social dialogue, providing substantiated proposals for important socio-economic issues. Through the network of collaborating social actors, the University promotes synergies to promote culture, the environment, health and sport.