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Young Innovators Masterclasses coming up


On October 5 and October 12, EIT Climate-KIC’s Young Innovators programme is hosting two stand-alone masterclasses, designed to empower participants in working with complexity. Join us if you want to know learn more about the mindset shift needed to enable transformative change!

YI Masterclass: Teachers as Facilitators (October 5, 16:00-18:00 CET)

Concept: Maja Vrčon; Faciltiation: Maja Vrčon, Diane Brüggemann

Teachers are facing more and more challenges introducing the the impact of human activities on our planet’s system in the classroom. New competencies and skills are required, and they call for reimagining pedagogical approaches. Traditional approaches of environmental education aren’t relevant in times of complexity. This masterclass aims to discuss the concept of the educational system in transition from an ex-cathedra to a student-centred approach. Participants will familiarize themselves with what facilitated learning is and why it is needed more than ever. 

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YI Masterclass: Systems Innovation (October 12, 16:00-18:00 CET)

Concept and facilitation: Attila Katona, José Manuel Martín Corvillo & Sonia Rodríguez

In order to address the global challenges we face, we need to be able to think and act systemically. This requires developing competencies that enable us to work with others to explore and make sense of complex, dynamic systems, and to co-create, test, and implement effective interventions. During this masterclass we’ll discuss what systems innovation means and the role it can play in tackling the climate crisis and other major environmental and societal challenges.

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