Erasmus+ project TEDDY: Exploring how digital tools can improve sustainability education

During the Covid pandemic, teachers were asked to digitize their lessons at short notice. How do we ensure that the positive aspects of those efforts are not lost when things return to normal? That’s the central question of the “Teacher’s Experiential Development of Digital skills through the Young innovator’s program” (TEDDY) project. In March 2021, Erasmus + approved the funding application for this project.

From 2021 to 2023, our partners the Technotrend Foundation (Utrecht, The Netherlands) will lead a consortium with The Energy and Sustainable Development Agency (Modena, Italy), 2811 (Berlin, Germany), and Solutions for the Planet (Bristol, UK) to explore how digital tools can improve sustainability education.

Teachers that are interested in participating in the study or if that would like to be kept informed of the findings are welcomed to contact Martin van Pul.