Young Climathon - Milano - Soft mobility challenge for 70 students from Milano Highschools

In Milano, a Young Climathon and Climathon were happening at the same venue and partly overlapping. About 70 students from various highschools around the city were working around challenges on soft mobility, as tools and services to enhance safety and livability. The challenges were framed as: 

  • Which innovative solutions could boost soft mobility, leading to an efficient environmental transition and to a safer place to live in?
  • What is soft mobility? It is a sustainable and climate-friendly approach, that includes any non-motorised transport, and use only the “human energy”. In other terms, it is a “zero impact” mobility trying to be alternative to the car’s use. 

The challenge goal was therefore to identify new mobility services, tools and actions to increase safety while ensuring a walkable city for all.

Students planned  their idea around the following items:

  1. Tools for safety, especially targeting “weak users” (such as pedestrians, cyclists, etc.) referring to active mobility
  2. Development of innovative mobility services to ensure the connections with suburban areas where the demand is weak; and meet specific needs for after-school activities of children and young people (sport, leisure, etc.)
  3. Walkable city as a vision for the future

The teams created names such as  Alternative Movement, Ghisa, Teenvesto, Hermes, Sosa, Cubig, Ecostonks, Accomodatori. Some of the solutions were focussing on  new formats and better targeted green campaigns or Platform which matches people’s choices with various soft mobility transport modes

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